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what soil i plant my chusan and e uropean and phoenix canariensis outside in thanks.



Spritley, Phoenix canariensis likes a fast-draining compost, but it's not really very fussy. I am unfamiliar with the other plants you asked about. Do they have other names?

26 Apr, 2010


Chusan is Trachycarpus fortunei, Tug - this is the hardiest palm for Britain, but even so, needs shelter in colder areas. Grows in fairly ordinary garden soil. As for Phoenix canariensis, better in a pot - they're not frost hardy, so you can move it to shelter for the winter. I'd use John Innes No. 2.

26 Apr, 2010


Thanks, Bamboo! I'm still learning.
Spritley, I'm afraid that I just assumed that you would be putting the Phoenix in a pot--I should have been more specific. In light of Bamboo's comment, is a "european" maybe a Mediterranean Fan Palm?

27 Apr, 2010

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