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how far apart should I plant Portugal Laurel to form a hedge. I have bought 10 potted plants about 12" high & want to fill a 36ft length. Have I got enough?



Welcome, Suffolknovice!
The basic rule of thumb on hedges is that you want to plant them 1/2 as far apart as the planned mature height. That gives the fastest fill-in, without some dying from competition, later. If you want them to grow a little over 7 ft. tall, you have the right number. If you want a shorter hedge, either get more, or expect a longer fill-in time than you would have with closer spacing.

26 Apr, 2010


Thank you so much! I was planning a lower hedge, maybe 5ft so maybe I should pop back to the garden centre & see if they have any more on offer (they were 5 for £20 & didn't have enough for us to get 15 at the time!)
It's so good to go on a forum that works!!!!

26 Apr, 2010


Good luck, then, Suffolknovice!

27 Apr, 2010

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