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Does anyone know what type of Viburnum this is please, it is very old and has amazing scent (peaked on 20th April this year -2010).
Its twin died two years ago (see photo of dead bush) and I would like to replace it like for like.
It is 6 ft tall and 8 ft wide at its widest.

Viburnum_bush Viburnum_bush__2_ Viburnum_dead_bush_with_shoots



Evergreen or Decidous?
It does look like one called V.x juddii, but there are an awful lot of Viburnums out there. We have over 25 of them in the garden and that is only a small percentage of them.

25 Apr, 2010


Thanks Owdboggy, it s decidous. I have put more photos of it on the question.
I've been trying for years to find out what they are, Your reply is a very sinilar bush.

26 Apr, 2010


They are fairly easy to take cutings from you know, so you could take hostages. It could be one of the forms of carlesii.

26 Apr, 2010

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