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By Ejwilk

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

Need help identifying this little houseplant.




Ficus elastica 'Doescheri'

24 Apr, 2010


A good old rubber plant, have had mine since the sixties !!!

24 Apr, 2010


I've got one of these but the leaves are not standing up like yours, they look floppy but it seems it's just grown like this - anything I can do to perk it up a bit?

24 Apr, 2010


They are so robust and I am very unkind to mine, I forget to water it but it still sits there in the corner, if you give yours a nice drink and some baby-bio perhaps it will perk up ! I do that when I remember.

25 Apr, 2010


Greenfingers, are you sure you have this exact variety? There are several versions of the Rubber Plant, some of which do have floppy leaves. This particular one is fussier than the all green rubber plant but with all of them, the compost should dry out slightly between waterings, keep them somewhere with bright light, but out of direct sun (unless its the plain green tree like one, which will adapt to a little sunlight), needs minimum of 55 deg. F in winter.

26 Apr, 2010

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