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By Sadie47

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

does anyone know what is the best turff to lay now ...thanks



May depend what you want it for? Front garden and little use or back garden and lots of use with children, or is it in shade? Be a bit more specific if you can?

22 Apr, 2010


Turf is turf - if you have it delivered, unroll a couple before taking the whole delivery - it should be green throughout, and hold together well, and be weed free. If its just a small area, garden centres sell turf.

22 Apr, 2010


Dont agree with you Bamboo, you get what you pay for? and some economy turf is poor quality.
Company ask you what you want it for etc and how much you want to pay? It may arrive weed free but may not stay that way unless you buy the properly treated turf.
Value Turf is a budget turf for family lawns.
Arena Turf is also for family lawns.
Lawn King Turf is for feature lawns and croquet lawns.
RTF Turf for family lawns with problems of drought or partial shade.
Green King Turf for ornamental lawns and putting surfaces. This was the sort of options I had when picking a back and a front lawn, my back lawn is much harder wearing than my front which is finer and was thicker

22 Apr, 2010


Well I stand corrected then, Drc - long time since I bought turf, when it was offered in various "grades", and I always chose the general purpose grade containing shortleaved rye grass; the other options then were sports, luxury, economy. Never occurred to me that people would actually buy the economy one... but then obviously, I suppose, some people must.

22 Apr, 2010


My first disaster of a lawn was an economy one Bamboo (and this question did say 'best') I thought grass was grass and that care would improve it! Well I learnt the hard way lol.

22 Apr, 2010

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