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Weakly coloured pale tulips. What is the cause? These are some of the 'Parrot' types. All of the rest of my tulips have been fine, but these have come up disappointingly.




I think these are absolutely stunning, love them - were they not supposed to be this colour then, Jonathan?

22 Apr, 2010


The form is good, but I seem to remember in the catalogue that they were colour-full. I feel they are a lot more pale than they should be. So yes, I am thinking there is something wrong. (Is that 'Ipomoea' in your main picure)?

22 Apr, 2010


Ah, well, if you saw them in a catalogue, that's not surprising - they always mess about with the colours of things so you think they're brighter or more vivid than they actually are. What are these ones called? And no, it's not - its convulvulus

22 Apr, 2010


This one is Parrot Libtretto, bought from

22 Apr, 2010


I have seen these before and they are about right for colour Jonathan.
I think they are gorgeous, very subtle.

22 Apr, 2010


Been and had a look at several pictures of this - yours is different in that the colours aren't so noticeable, but only marginally, and in fact, what I like very much about these is the very delicate colouring, not so much the form. I prefer the result you've got there to the pictures I've seen of it, in fact - looking at the pics would put me off buying it, but seeing yours means I'm tempted!

22 Apr, 2010


So they are normal! Thank you very much for solving that for me. Perhaps I'll grow to like them.

22 Apr, 2010


Everyone's different, Jonathan - if you really don't like them, send them to me, lol

22 Apr, 2010


or to me I love them too.

22 Apr, 2010

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