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My two hot lip plants look dead it is nearly May - are they dead or will they come back



Sorry - but it's likely that they are dead. My shrubby Salvias suffered in the frost, and I'm in a mild area. Try snapping a twig or two, to check the brittleness of them,- but if there's no sign of any buds then you'll need to consider replacing them.

22 Apr, 2010


I have only one live branch of what was quite a large and vigourous little shrub, so I think I will get rid and buy some new ones...very sad - it was one of my favourites. I think there was just too much snow this year.

22 Apr, 2010


It looks like my Salvia Newby Hall is dead too. but I am resisting throwing it out in case it rises like lazarus :p)

22 Apr, 2010


You are a born optimist, Sbg! :-))))))))

22 Apr, 2010


i know but I have had this plant for 10 years and it was a pressie from hubby. non of the cuttings I took overwintered in the greenhouse got it got too cold :o(

22 Apr, 2010


That's a shame. Now then - look on it as an 'opportunity'! Well - that's what people keep saying to me, anyway!

22 Apr, 2010


My mum is an optimist like Sbg - so today it was replanted in a new spot to see if the one surviving shoot would grow and give new life to the plant. Fingers crossed!

23 Apr, 2010


I've left mine where they are - a bit straggly, I'm afraid. :-(( Good luck with yours!

25 Apr, 2010

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