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I have poor soil which beneath the surface is predominently clay. Is it advisable to put the ashes from my fire on it.



Hi Mistylass and welcome to GoY, please don't double post your question simply because you have not received an answer. It can take several hours for us to reply at times and some questions never do get answered!

As to putting ash from your fire on the soil yes if it is wood ash no if you burn any form of solid fuel such as coal.

22 Apr, 2010


Thanks for your reply. I didnt realise I had posted the question twice. Sorry

22 Apr, 2010


That's okay, you can add lots of humus and composted matter to your soil to help it. If the clay is very near the surface you could try digging down into this and adding grit to help break it up.

22 Apr, 2010

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