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I,m told that my house is north facing, not too sure, the wall is facing the front door and separate the garden from the pavement, goes right round the fount of the house, my intention is to plant along the wall climers and slow growing flowers that can take the intence light in the day, moving away in the evenings.



Have given you a list under your other question, Jbrown, but not many perennials on my list. You can tell if you're north facing by noticing where the sun rises and sets -if you're north facing, it'll rise on the right hand side and set on the left.

21 Apr, 2010


If I'm not losing the plot J, if your house faces North and your wall faces the house, then your wall is south facing and should get lots of sun on it for most of the long as it is not shaded by the it kind of depends on how big your front garden is! Best idea is to actually take a note of where the sun is during the day and where the shade falls. Do this at different times of the year. I have one border that gets no sun at all during the winter and quite a lot during the summer! I just dug a new border in my front garden and had assumed it would be very shady but when I went out there to work on it I discovered it was sunny from about 8am to about 4pm at this time of year! Nice surprise as it allowed me to plant an espalier apple against the fence! It amazes me that so many people don't consider the aspect of a house before they buy! I guess that's just because they aren't gardeners! lol! Good luck with the wall planting....

21 Apr, 2010

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