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Broad beans nipped out too early? I followed the advice on the packet and nipped out the growing tips on my broad beans when they got to about 10cms high, but they had no flowers or pods yet - which - too late - i realise I was supposed to wait for (the packet didn't mention it). Are they now useless?



Sorry Guest yes they probably are, though it is early for broad beans to flower - we only sowed ours recently. I am surprised at the advice on your seed packet, we would nip out the growing tip at about 4 foot! 4 inches isn't enough for anything to grow.

20 Apr, 2010


Sorry to disapoint you moon grower mine are on flower and they are in the greenhouse.
Ive neverpinched the tips on mine and i had a lot of beans on mine last year

21 Apr, 2010


Ah well Hijuj you live in the south of England, we live in the north of Scotland and we need our 'green' houses for our alpine plants, so no way could we grow veg. in them. However, my point stands, to removing the growing tip at 4 inches means there is nothing to grow!

21 Apr, 2010

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