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Bay tree advice please?

Hi all, as im quite new to gardening i need all the help i can get, today im diging in small borders in my tiny garden, using pansies, i want to make a small entrance going from the patio to the garden and i have two new small bay trees if i plant them in the ground can i keep them small or is it best to keep them in pots? thank you



Bay trees tend to grow strongly and although you can prune them to shape, I would suggest keeping them in pots if you want them to stay small.

Not sure what their lifespan will be though by doing that

18 Apr, 2010


my baytree is in the ground i bought it at about 3feet tall and its now 8 feet tall and we do trim it.
but it looks great as a shrub

18 Apr, 2010


Thank you, i put them in the ground, fingers crossed

24 Apr, 2010

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