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I have planted seeds i.e. Marigolds, Zinnas and Verbina. In seed trays outside in a plastic covered greenhouse. I have to leave them unattended for 7 days. Can anyone recommend a moisture retaining lining that could put under the seed trays. Thanks again for your help in the past.



I use self watering unheated plant propagators, they consist of a polystyrene tray that has 40 cells for seeds, a watering tray and capillary matting and a clear plastic lid, i water about once a week depending on the weather, i bought these on EBAY, i wouldn't use anything else , message me and i`ll give you the link to buy / look at them.

Hope this helps.


17 Apr, 2010


Thank you paul. Please let me have the link. Will I have to start over again and write the existing seeds trays off? W

17 Apr, 2010


Never write anything off, nature is tougher than we give credit for, you can buy capillary matting on its own if you can make sure the matting has a weeks supply of water then it will make sure the seeds/plants have enough to drink, heres the link you need, sorry for the slow response, i was Gardening lol.


17 Apr, 2010


Go to the pound shop they have a green mat just for this purpose

17 Apr, 2010


Just a thought you will be ok with the watering but what are you going to do about the heat when I came home from work the other day at 2pm the temperature in the greenhouse was very high at about 32c (90F) and was rising so I opened the door and let some air through since then I have enlisted the services of my next door neighbough to check for me when at work.

18 Apr, 2010

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