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i have heard that nettles can be used to make a liqiud tomato and peppers feed. any experience or advice?



Yes, yes, yes they can!!!! It takes a bit of work to do it right. First collect the nettles stinging ones are the best, they would be wouldn't they !!!!! and any comfrey you have. By the way I don't know if you have children; even if you dont and you want to garden organically; There is a lovely book called Muck and Magic by Jo Readman. Its my bible!!! In her book it says to collect 70g of nettles or comfrey. Put them in a bucket, fill it with water and leave to stand for 4 wks. Warning it stinks, badly!!!!! but it is cheap and it works !!! it is wonderful stuff. Ive done it, and I swear my plants were smiling lol Before using, strain the mixture. I am sure I have seen Geoff Hamilton do the same thing only using a hessian bag and he kept lifting the bag up and down holding his nose lol Anything else just ask

17 Apr, 2010


Sorry I didn't realsie you were a new member Welcome to GOY. Happy gardening

17 Apr, 2010


thanks. would you/can you add anything else to the mixture ie wood ash for added potash or is it better to add this seperately as a top dressing?

i would like to garden as organically as possible and any tips on natural fertilisers that i can obtain from the house, garden and surrounding countryside is of interest. i already compost all my garden and household vegetable waste.

i am thinking of buying a basic garden incinerator. is this worth while?

17 Apr, 2010


I have been thinking of getting one but can't decide. It will polute the atmosphere so dont think I will bother. For house plants and garden plants I use a mixture of wormery juice as I call it. DGot 4 wormeries that produce a liquid of plant food you need to water it down as it is quite strong. Good stuff. I would add organic fertilizers seperately as a top dressing

17 Apr, 2010

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