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I am hoping to grow peppers for the first time do I plant them out individually like tomato plants and also high tall do they grow
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I have mine on a table in the greenhouse I think it depends on the variety as to how tall they grow, I plant individually in a 2L pot or 2-3 in a large tub, they sometimes grow above my head ( from the tabletop) and some a little taller, I find that they do need support as the peppers grow and a cane is not enough, sometimes 3 in a pot and twined around to support the weight, I feed them like tomatoes and find that they do best in the hottest part of the house as long as they are well watered as they are a mediterranean plant-- hope you have success--

16 Apr, 2010


Hi, Thank you very much for your information. I'm growing these from seed and have never attempted peppers before

I shall plant as you suggest and keep my fingers crossed for a good result.

Once again , Thank you
Regards Duncan.

16 Apr, 2010


I start mine off in pots on the greenhouse bench and then plant them out in the greenhouse border, in the same way that I do with my tomatoes. I support them with canes and tie them in, as the weight of the peppers can pull down the plants. Last year was a good one and I had peppers from July to the end of october. Good luck...I hope you get a good crop!

16 Apr, 2010


One little precaution comparing tomatoes and peppers. It's recommended to plant tomatoes deeply, but doing that with peppers will kill them!

17 Apr, 2010

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