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By Cindi53

Missouri, United States Us

I'm getting my 1st vegetable garden ready, & I have come across some of those nasty Japanese grubs. How do I get read of them w/out putting toxic chemicals in the dirt?



Hi Cindi and welcome to GoY the only way other than chemicals is to squash them between your fingers (wear gloves if squeamish) or stamp on them. Hopefully someone else will have a better idea.

16 Apr, 2010


Do beneficial nematodes work on them?

16 Apr, 2010


Not sure if there is one specifically for them Tugbrethhil but would think it expensive in an open ground situation. We tried the ones for slugs once in the greenhouse and didn't really notice them having any effect.

Thinking about it Cindi as you dig the ground over the birds will probably come along and eat the grubs - or if you have hens they will love you for ever for the treat.

16 Apr, 2010


Things have changed since I last tried them, Moon Grower. There weren't any for slugs then, and what we had was quite effective on my grubs. On the other hand, we don't have Japanese beetles here in Arizona...yet (touch wood)!

17 Apr, 2010


Thankfully, so far as I know neither do we Tugbrethil. Though climate change could alter that I suppose.

17 Apr, 2010


I think I will try to put some bird food out there & see what happens. I wish I had chickens! Fresh non-hormone injected eggs.
Thank you both for all the help. I do have more questions, but I have a huge headache that won't go away till about Monday, when school is back in. LOL

17 Apr, 2010


Hope you feel better soon

18 Apr, 2010

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