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i''ve never had even one bud on my camellia plant and had it for years!



What kind of soil do you have?

16 Apr, 2010


Give it a good mulch with well rotted manure and also fork in ericasious plant food or water with sequesterine which azaleas and be patient, I took a cutting and mine took ten years to bloom,mind you it is a beauty, I now have six more but needless to say I bought these !

16 Apr, 2010


Camellias like acidic soil and won't flower properly or at all in east facing position where early morning sun can hit the buds in early winter - if this is the situation you have yours in, then you may well be losing the flowers before they open. Otherwise, drought in mid to late summer can cause this problem the following year. Keep it watered, move it if its in the wrong position, and give it a top dressing of sulphate of potash in June, raked in round the roots.

16 Apr, 2010

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