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Ireland Ie

How do i get rid of the vine weavils if it is them eating my leaves i tried to add a photo but cant seem to upload it, thanks for your replies.




If you are sure it is vine weevil, there is special stuff in the gardening shops for this.. have a look and see if there are little white grubs in the soil.. they will eat the roots and your plant will die, so do buy this vine weevil killer

15 Apr, 2010


It's called Provado and works very well.

15 Apr, 2010


Im almost sure its not vine weavel. As Loopywren said they tend to attack the roots and burrow up the inside of stems. Have a close look and see if there are any catapillers lurking. Failing that who knows. X Snake

15 Apr, 2010


the adult vine weevil eats neat half moon shaped holes in the leaves. she then sneakily lays her eggs in the soil. so a double whammy.

15 Apr, 2010


I have had vine weevil a few times. Empty the pot wash the roots and replace with fresh compost.
If its in the ground you can get expensive nematodes to kill vine weevil but read the instructions as the soil needs to be moist so they will work.
Move some of the soil around the roots to have a look.

Do a search on this site in the search box. I have uploaded a few pictures of the vine weevil grubs.

15 Apr, 2010

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