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I have planted three trees Plum, Pear and Peach. The Pear is showing some sign of growing but there is no sign from the Peach tree and the Plum tree seems to be drying up at the tips and the tips look dead. I used farm manure as the compost and I water daily. Should I dig them up again and try a different compost? Suggestions please.



Why are you watering it every day?, sounds a bit like your over watering it What part of the country are you in? My plum tree is only just begining to come to life. Try to put a picture up so we can all see. Where is it growing? Welcome to GOY

15 Apr, 2010


Do you know if the manure had been allowed to rot down (minimum of six months time waiting) ? That may have done some damage if it was too fresh? The acids in the material burn your plants.

15 Apr, 2010

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