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By Windy

cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

HELLO EVERYBODY ;) hope you all had a good festive period etc ? Can anybody help me identify this beautiful tiny flower (no bigger than a finger nail) growing on my grass, also i think theres a purple variety growing nearby...if you look closely you,ll see a purple nodule at the top of the flower (that is if nodule is the right word too describe it)...i cant help wondering what type of insect would be attracted to such a tiny flower, plus its highly unlikely that i would be able to purchase one ;) THANKS.




It's a version of violet - I think called Heartsease. Lovely little flowers!

14 Apr, 2010


A beautiful little wild flower that you may need to keep under control.

14 Apr, 2010


the flowers are pollinated by bees. Heartease has long been used in herbal medicine for lots of disorders. It was thought to cure a broken heart, hence its name

14 Apr, 2010


It seeds itself everywhere and later in the season it goes straight from bud to seed without ever actually opening as a flower. Pretty, but awful!

14 Apr, 2010


Good lord I never knew that OwdB

14 Apr, 2010


Thanks everybody ~ but whats good enough for the bee is good enough for me, i dont have what some would call a perfect lawn,more like a wild lawn made up of various grasses & what some people might call weeds but when they flower its beautiful, ive also seen a small wild pansy as well & a smaller variety of dandilion which grows in abundance wth a small leaf base & a long stork or stem wth one flower at the top ;) ive heard said that theres no such thing as weeds jst unwanted plants, as long as they dont mind a lawn mower once a month there beauty will always be welcome.....thanks again ;))

14 Apr, 2010


The process of fertilisation in an unopened flower is called 'cleistogamy'. It happens in a lot of Violas, trouble is that often the seeds from this process produce plants which always do this rather than having flowers which open properly.

A weed was always defined as 'a plant in the wrong place'. Would be quite happy if the 'weeds' stayed in the 'grass' and did not seed themselves into more recherche things in the borders and suffocate them.

Enjoy them!

14 Apr, 2010

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