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I have a small garden about 60 ft wide by 20 ft deep at the rear of a newish bungalow built as infilling. The garden is still being developed but is nearly full. We are overlooked by several two storey houses. I am afraid to plant too many trees but already have a rowan, a crab apple and a pretty conifer near the rear boundary planted last year. Our view is further spoiled by a neighbour's large satellite dish used for receiving overseas TV. I would like to plant a silver birch but am afraid this might be too big for safety. I do worry about tree roots. We are on clay soil. The garden is east facing and owing to our comparatively low roof receives quite a lot of sun. As an alternative I am considering a weeping silver pear. Part of the garden is reserved for fruit etc and we have a small pear tree and a fig. I plan to plant two espalier apple trees when I can get the wall and ground prepared. What is your advice please?

Doris Street



Havent a clue about trees! sorry. Living in London town I dont call your garden small! Enjoy planting it up though

13 Apr, 2010


That does sound like a lot of trees - are you putting them in as a 'sight barrier'? Why not put trellis on your fence and grow some climbers as well?

I suspect that if you plant too many trees, you will have so many roots in the soil that you won't be able to plant anything else, as well as creating a shady garden rather than a sunny one.

13 Apr, 2010


Hello Dot, when you look from your house - a tree 1/2 way down your garden may block out more of the view then those on the boundary? I find advice varies some say not to plant closer than 8-10 ft some say 30-40 ft depending which tree you choose? My Plum Nigra is about 10 feet from my back door. No small tree will stop you being overlooked by taller buildings but trellis around a seating area can give you privacy?

13 Apr, 2010


Absolutely, Denise, especially as most of the trees named are deciduous. To check the roots, and how far they spread, you look at the canopy and the roots will be spread out like that.

13 Apr, 2010


If this dish is so large Dot does it need planning permission? Worth checking as they may have to resite/remove it?

13 Apr, 2010

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