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After not being able to find much information on my zamioculcas smaragd, I watered it as normal over the winter.... and around a month ago found info saying that I shouldn't have as gradually the leaves had all been turning yellow and falling out :( ..... I've left the soil to dry out but it looks like some of the roots have rotted (?) Around a month ago I added plant food tablets to the soil but the leaves are still all falling out. Any advice for how to help it recover or is it too late???



Knock it out of the pot and inspect the roots/tubers. It is one of the very few aroids to have developed succulence to survive periods of drought so it may well have rotted. Let the tubers dry off. After a week or so, you could pot back up into fresh soil, but leave to dry completely off between waterings.

Take a couple of leaf cuttings too as a back up. This can be from a single side leaflet. Put into a very open mix of compost and perlite (just moistened but not soaking wet) hardly buried and place into a propagator. As the leaflet slowly withers, a small tuber will be produced at the cut end. This can then be potted up in a small thumb pot and grown on.

13 Apr, 2010

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