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our brownish cordyline is now looking has few leaves and the lower ones droop.hardly any sticking it dying and can we save it please help.thank you.doreen.

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There are a lot of questions asked about cordylines, probably as they have suffered from the bad winter we had. I don't know much about this plant but if you look at the gardening questions page, to the right under "by popular genus", you may get your answer here. Good luck...:o)

12 Apr, 2010


Its the cold winter - if it has any new growth coming from the tip (sticking up!) then its still alive, just pull or cut off any dead or dying leaves. If it has no new growth showing at the top, you can try cutting it down by half - this may induce new shoots either from the base, or halfway up the stem.

12 Apr, 2010


I have three cordylines which have suffered from the frosts of the very severe winter. Yesterday I asked the advice of an authority on homoeopathic plant care. On his recommendation I have given a homoeopathic remedy called Carbo veg in the 6x potency. This remedy is possibly available OTC but if not then certainly from a homoeopathic pharmacy - Helios or Ainsworths. I would think approx £5.00. A pillule [pill] should be put into a jug of water and poured onto the soil around the base of the plant. I only this did this yesterday but the leaves have already 'lifted'. Now, I just have to wait... At very little cost it is worth trying.

ALSO for information: I often use the Bach flower 'Rescue Remedy' when any plant looks in need of some rescue i.e. when moved ... and the roots have been disturbed... google Bach flower remedies for more information.

8 May, 2010

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