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By Csarina

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

My husband is going to use sulphate of iron to kill the moss which is invading our grass, the lawn has not been properly maintained for a number of years. We have searched through various sites and although it tells you to apply the suphate of iron mixed in hot water it does not tell you how much to each watering can.

Is there someone out there who can tell is the dilution please?



Bit difficult as depends what concentration the stuff is in first place. We buy big sacks of it and use a heaped Vanish powder scoop per 1 1/2 to 2 gallon can. Its probably equal to 3 or 4 tablespoons. If it doesnt turn the moss black which will happen over night, then you can increase the concentration and try again. Use hot water to dissolve it, but mix in cold or else this will kill the lawn! Although you may of sussed that bit! Wear a mask as its dusty stuff and also gloves as the smell lingers on hands for days.

11 Apr, 2010


Thanks very much for that, we will try it and see what happens........

11 Apr, 2010

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