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Aibes, Korean Fir: Last year I made a bad mistake with this. I spread manure on my roses and so I spread some around the base of this too. It didn't grow well last summer. I removed the manure as soon as I realised the error, but it seems perhaps the richness of it may have upset the fungus in the soil which it lives in relationship with symbiotically. It made very little growth but just 'sat' instead. I am wondering if anyone can advise me whether I should give it a slow release shrub fertilizer? I have a vague idea that it should not be done with these, or am I wrong? It is rather a prized plant in my garden. I am very fond of it. Am I right to assume that because it is slow growing it will therefore need only a little fertilizer if it does need some?




I think Blue spruce might help with this Jonathan try sending him a pm.

9 Apr, 2010


Thanks for that. I'll get in touch in the morrow. He sounds like a conifer man.

9 Apr, 2010


He is that, look at his garden pics and you will understand!

9 Apr, 2010


Hard to say weather the manure was the problem, but as you realized your Abies koreana certainly doesn't need it. Can't quite make out from your pic if your plant is in some sort of container ? if it is, not a good idea long term. They prefer an open sunny situation in light acidic soils, healthy plants should not require any sort of fertilization, but for a poorly plant anything suitable for ericaceous plants should be fine. You might also want to spray all the foliage with an appropriate fungicide, two or three times during the growing season, as a precaution, as this has been an ever increasing problem with many firs in recent years, especially Koreanas. Two indications of this problem is growth check and intermittent individual needles along the branches turning brown and eventually dropping off.....Hope this helps.

15 Apr, 2010


Thank you Bluespruce. Yes, it is in a container, about a metre square wide and 40 cm high. It is growing mostly in John Innes. The ph is probably around neutral. I hadn't realise they like acidic conditions, if I had I'd have planted it with some ericacious. Might a top dressing of some ericacious compost help, do you think? It gets all morning sun, but the sun tends to cut off around 1 pm or 2 pm. Is there a special sort of fertilizer suitable for ericacious, acid-loving plants? It has indeed had very bad growth check last year. It was the only year I have ever known it not grow. I will do as you say and give it a few sprays with fungicide later this year. I'm assuming a systemic like Systhane/Myclobutanil.

16 Apr, 2010

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