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laurel bushes blight

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I have had laurel bushes established in my front garden for over 10 years. Only in the last 3/4 years have they started to suffer from blight. It's a dry greyish fungus that I cannot remove. I've used several brands of anti- mould sprays, but they have no effect.

I cut back the bushes before the winter and new growth is appearing, but I know that once the new leaves appear they will get the blight. Leaves get small holes in them and then they wither. It used to affect just a few leaves, but now every bush is affected Any ideas? alternative treatments? Many thanks




First, what kind of laurel, Aucuba or Prunus? Second, what are the small holes like, do they look like something's been eating them, or are they small holes surrounded by an irregular ring of brown dead tissue, at the edge of the leaves, or all over, various places? Any sign of cobwebbing or leaf rolling?

9 Apr, 2010



I'm afraid I don't know what kind of laurel it is. Best I take a photograph of the bushes (and the leaves) and perhaps you can tell me more.

Small holes are the main problem, but the leaves do also roll up when affected by the fungus.

What's cobwebbing?


9 Apr, 2010


Oh, sorry, it just means, particularly as you say the leaves get rolled up, whether or not you can see evidence of cobwebby stuff on, inside or around the rolled up bits. Its easy to tel lthe difference between the laurels anyway - Aucuba is the Spotted Laurel, mid green usually with yellow variegation - Prunus laurocerasus has dark green, leathery leaves and gets very, very large if left unpruned. But a photo of the problem would be good anyway - sounds like you've got more than one thing happening with the plants.

9 Apr, 2010


Hope this helps

12 Apr, 2010


Sorry Laurel, hope what helps?

12 Apr, 2010


The images I sent: did you not receive them?

Let me have your direct email and I'll post them again

12 Apr, 2010


You can add them to this question, or put them in your photos section on your profile page, Laurel - if that's what you tried already, they haven't appeared in either of those places.

12 Apr, 2010


Photos on my profile now. Hope you can advise a remedy - tks

13 Apr, 2010


The picture you're using as your avatar, and which also is in your gallery, tells me something I forgot to ask - where they're planted. This particular one looks as if its planted right up against a wall, in a tiny area with concrete all around - if that's right, then I'm not surprised this plant is unhealthy. This is a large shrub, or should be, wants to get 8 feet high by the same across, and you have it somewhere only big enough for a tiny plant that gets no more than 5 inches high. The other picture shows a different laurel, plain green, that's the Prunus one - this wants to get about 25 feet eventually. I can't tell where that one's planted, so perhaps you'd give me that info before we go any further.

13 Apr, 2010


They've been established in the ground for over 10 years. They are up against a wall, but the growth is all underground and assume unrestricted rather like a tree growing out of a pavement!

This problem is some kind of fungus or blight.

Can you not suggest something to spray the leaves with? Everything I've used from garden centres has not been effective. There's hardly any choice of sprays when you look for anti fungus treatment.

Any suggestions?

20 Apr, 2010


Doesn't look fungal to me, looks more like totrix moth damage, or leaf roller damage - you could try Provado.

20 Apr, 2010


Thanks, Where do I get Provado?

21 Apr, 2010

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