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are snowdrops, bluebells and ferns safe for children



Well, they're not edible as such.....your kids would probably have to eat a wheelbarrow load full to do them any harm tho!! Brings to mind that joke about what's the difference between sprouts and boggies. You can get a child to eat a boggie. Sorry lol

8 Apr, 2010


Oh SID!!! :-(((

Guest, it's a question of teaching your children NEVER to eat anything from the garden unless you say they can.. That includes leaves, bulbs, flowers and berries.

8 Apr, 2010


Sorry Aunty Spritz ;-) Quite right what you say tho - can't wrap kids in cottonwool, they just have to learn. And if a child of mine had a propensity for putting things in their mouth I think snowdrops would be the least of my worries....

9 Apr, 2010

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