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How tall does allium ostrowskianum grow?

On plant Allium ostrowskianum



Welcome to GOY Jennyt19. I have this called "Rosy Bells" I planted it late last year the packet says up to 25cm. I have some which should grow to 140cm so this is quite small.

7 Apr, 2010


About 9 inches. Watch out though this is a terrrible seed weed. It spreads, so dead head after flowering!

8 Apr, 2010


Thanks for the tip Owdboggy. The fact that I got 25 of them for the same price as one larger allium should have alerted me. I will dead head

8 Apr, 2010


Well, just to put them in perspective, I weeded out over 10,000 last year and still we got some coming up!

8 Apr, 2010

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