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i soaked the plant for 1hr as instructions on box,planted in large pot with new compost & sprayed plant regularly but kept indoors,moved plant to greenhouse last week but leafs have started to curl at edges,any help before loss of plant.

On plant raspberry (rubus idaeus)



Raspberries need to be outside....the leaves are curling because its too warm in the greenhouse.....

7 Apr, 2010


Bullivant you can not grow raspberries indoors or in a pot! They need to be outside and in the ground.

7 Apr, 2010


Thanks for advice. Will put outside tomorrow and see how goes!

7 Apr, 2010


I got a Thomson & Morgans catalogue in the other day and they were showing "Tulameen" raspberries in a pot tied together at the top like a wigwam. I did wonder if that would work. They reckoned the canes would grow to around 1.5m

7 Apr, 2010


I've seen a few adverts saying you can grow in pots......

8 Apr, 2010


Wouldn't want to try it myself... Adverts will claim anything it seems to me

8 Apr, 2010

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