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I’ve got a schefflera at work that I inherited from my co-worker. It was a foot tall by a foot wide & small & bushy when she left it behind. I dumped my left over glass of water in it everyday & in a few months it grew like crazy to 5 feet tall by 5 feet wide. The branches are very long & the leaves enormous – some a foot long. It sprouted a bud every few weeks & I could actually see it grow inches through out the day! It was amazing! My cubicle turned into a jungle with the giant umbrella branched, but I absolutely loved it until…someone passed by & knocked it over. The new sprouts at the top broke off & since then nothing has grown. It’s been months now. How do I fix it? How can I make it sprout new buds again when each new bud came out of the prior one that now is broken off?


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