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What is the cause of nearly all the Primroses scattered around in my largish N. Devon garden having had their flower heads taken off and discarded. Some are up close to the house, and others way down the bottom of the garden, in many cases they are adjacent to Primulas that have been left unscathed?



Birds, especially sparrows or chaffinches and sometimes blackbirds do this, no one has come up with a good reason for it. They are worse some years than others.

7 Apr, 2010


yellow crocus attract birds as well for some reason...

7 Apr, 2010


Yup the birds will pull yellow flowered primroses and crocuses to pieces...

7 Apr, 2010


A few years ago all the petals disappeared from my primroses. I put an old chip basket over one plant and the flowers stayed intact. I assumed the birds were lining their nests but it has never happened since and I still have the birds.

7 Apr, 2010

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