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By Raji

Maryland, United States Us

. i want to grow camote [batata], and i am looking for fresh untreated batata or slips to buy

On plant Ipomoea batatas



I am willing to mail order, so kindly let me know, the garden center that will sell camote slips.

5 Apr, 2010



5 Apr, 2010


The first thing I would do is call around, asking for Sweet Potato slips, since that is their most common English name. If that doesn't bring results, go online and search "mail-order nursery sweet potato".

If all else fails, you can grow your own by suspending a sweet potato in a glass, with the bottom half submerged, and setting it where it can get some sun. After a few days, roots will grow out the bottom, and shoots will grow out the top. Once a leaf or two has fully expanded on a shoot, it can be cut off and set in water to grow its own roots. When the roots on the shoot are a couple of inches long, it can be potted up, or set out into the garden.

Hope this is useful!

5 Apr, 2010

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