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Our garden has been waterlogged all winter. Although there may be some issues with compaction the problem is mainly due to the water table being close to the top of the lawn and it being a low point compared to the land around. I like the idea of a bog garden but in the summer it tends to dry-up, which I am assuming would prevent a bog garden? We have access to diggers etc but, as it is the lowest point around, have no where to drain the water off to! Any suggestions? Oh! When I say waterlogged; we had ducks floating and feeding on it yesterday!

Novice Gardener!



Hmmm, point those ducks in our direction! we may be beginners at gardening (properyl!) but we're ok at lookin after ducks!!

4 Apr, 2010


There were some mandarin ducks across the field today too- but the mallards did not return to our 'pond' of a garden!

4 Apr, 2010


Cheapest to do a bog garden - as long as you're prepared to water during dry spells.

5 Apr, 2010

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