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By Snake

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Hi all, am i right to assume weavel larva only lives in pots,tubs etc ? Snake



No, it's in the ground as well, often brought into your garden in pots purchased elsewhere.

3 Apr, 2010


Vine Wevils are less troublesome in the open ground because there are natural enemies of them in the soil, I believe the Eelworms that are offered as a biological control are selected versions of those that have always been part of the subterranean flora. Growing in pots, especially now that we use peat or peat substitutes in the compsot has made it easier for Weevil grubs to survive. The old time John Innes soil based composts were more solid and though sometimes were attacked.made it a much harder job for the larvae to survive.

3 Apr, 2010


They tend to eat in straight lines in the soil too. It is only in pots where they go round and round eatuing every root.
Non peat based composts are better than peat based ones too. Not found any in them...................yet!
Did you know that the adults arre all female and that one can swim in pure bleach for hours without being killed?

3 Apr, 2010


Thanks for answer regarding those beastly weevil grubs.

5 Apr, 2010


These are one of the only garden pests that I can say I hate. Just when I think I have got rid of them, they return with a vengence. Thank goodness for Provado, or however you spell the word, as at least it helps to an extent!

11 Apr, 2010

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