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what to do when daffodils grow without flowering



Hi Flowerbed and welcome to GoY. Are the bulbs growing in pots or garden? We feed our bulbs in pots from when they start flowering until the leaves die back, half strength tomato food once a week. If they are in the ground and have flowered before then they are probably in poor soil and having not been fed did not have enough nourishment to create the flower buds last year. If this is the case you have two choices feed as above otherwise replace the bulbs this autumn but only after adding some humus rich material to your soil and be prepared to feed in future years.

1 Apr, 2010


Most Daffodils also need some sun. If they are in an area where they get less than a half day of sun while the leaves are on, then they probably won't bloom after the first year. You can move them in the green, but if they are suffering from sun starvation, the combo of that and moving might keep them from blooming until 2012, same as waiting 'til fall to do it.

1 Apr, 2010


And one other thing - do not remove the leaves for a minimum of six weeks after the flowers have finished - if you did this in prevoius years, that's why they're blind now. As Moongrower says, feed them for the next few weeks, leave the leaves on and with luck they should flower next year.

1 Apr, 2010

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