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I bought from B&Q garden center. A bush, I didnt know what it was then and I still dont now. But it has very distintive razor like edges on the 'bark' no flowers, green leaves that pop out of very pink casing, about now. Green all spring summer, leaves turn slightly red in the autumn, then drop. I think it may have tiny yellow buds towards the autumn. It is slow growning but is the most stunning bush to look at. It is about 5 feet high and 4 ft wide after 7 years. I would be so pleased if i find out what it is. Many thanks



I think a photo of the plant would be best if you can get one to aid identification.

1 Apr, 2010


I agree - very good description but a picture is worth a thousand words.

1 Apr, 2010


i was just going to say the same thing download a picture and we will be able to tell you.
Great minds think alike hey

3 Apr, 2010

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