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Cercis Covey Lavender Twist. Has anyone seen this in the flesh and does anyone know much about it? It looks fantastic!

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Not this particular one but I do have Cercis Avondale. they are gorgeous arnt they.

28 Mar, 2010


Oooh Sbg, that's the other one I've been googling. I can't make my mind up. Does Avondale flower well when young and is yours quite tough? I've been looking for ages for a really small specimen tree for my front garden which is small, not sheltered by fences, but is in a small cul-de-sac. There is a picture of it on my question about small tree for front garden. So if you could have a look at it and say if you think avondale would be suitable, I would think you were the most generous woman in the whole world:-) you can't say no to that can you:-)

28 Mar, 2010


Ive got avondale [7ft tall] in a large pot on the back path and have had it for 3 years. The plant seems hardy enough so far. I am hoping to plant it in an area where I have had honey fungus.

I will go an have a look at the photo now :o)

28 Mar, 2010


the shape would fit the space well but they only have flowers for 2-3 weeks a year. the foliage is nice then it loses it leaves for the winter.
wether it is a full all round 'knock your eyes' out I dont know. I love it but I also like my Rowan tree. and it has wonderful berries too. I have photos of it in my plant profile too.

28 Mar, 2010


I think rowan would be too tall?? but I'll have a look anyway. Even I am not so greedy as to want knock your eyes out beauty all year round lol. Does it look nice when just in leaf, make a nice shape? Could you put a picture on? :-)

28 Mar, 2010


If you go on my plant profile and look up Sorbus you will see the 2/3 photos of the rowan. Its a small tree with an open habit.

29 Mar, 2010


I've gone mad and ordered a lavender twist eek! It's 6 feet tall so quite mature, I've become very impulsive...I think it's the lack of flowers for so long. My back garden's a mess, awaiting makeover. Have you googled lavender twist? :-)

29 Mar, 2010


Bought one today for £30 - if you type cercis canadensis lavender twist into Youtube there is a very detailed video about it secound video down :) It grows from 6-10 ft has lovely pink blossom followed by red leaves

13 Jan, 2011


I'll have a look Paul. Mine's still in its pot as I was worried about it lol. It's in a sheltered place by my house. I think it's fine and wonder when it will show buds:-)

13 Jan, 2011


It says on my tag that it is late March time when it blossoms - position in full sun with moist well drained soil. Soak well before planting - dig a good sized hole to plant it in, loosen the soil at the bottom for good drainage, - foliage green - not red as I put earlier :)

13 Jan, 2011


also may be best to plant it pretty soon in order to get it some good rain for it to establish :):):)

13 Jan, 2011


Thanks Paul, I'm dying to see it in flower, We can put pics on:-)

14 Jan, 2011

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