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i live in zone 9 in California. When should I plant Thunbergia for flowering August 7th 2010 for a outdoor wedding.

On plant Thunbergia alata



Are you planting seeds, cuttings or a cut back mature vine? It also depends on your micro-climate. e.g. Mountain, sea, valley etc.In general though they should be easy and long flowering in USDA zone 9 so if you have no peculiar conditions where you are planting then they should be flowering around then anyway. If growing from seed then get them planted under glass now and just hope. Cuttings should have been in over the winter. A mature cut back plant, just put it in once you definitely have no frost in your area. It is not of course possible to time flowering to an exact day without the right artificial temperature/humidity controls.

26 Mar, 2010

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