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how do i start taro,s of and are they easy to grow



there are some on ebay ive been looking myself for one, they need protection in winter, if kept inside it will continue to grow but if taken inside somewhere cold it will become dorment till next year, they are toxic to, i think the roots but not sure on leaves so be carefull if children or pets till you find out

24 Mar, 2010


What are taros ?

24 Mar, 2010


tropical plants louise, black leaves and big, commanly known as elephants ear, but not the uk elephants ear lol, if you go on ebay you will see them :o)

24 Mar, 2010


They are an edible version of elephant ear and a staple in Polonisia. It is what poi is made of (it really does taste like chalk). Taro isn't too bad - it's boiled like potatos or green bananas. A neighbor grew them in a field next to me, and he said the important thing was not to disturb them for about a year. But it may be too cold to grow very well in Britain. Put the tuber just below the surface.

24 Mar, 2010


thanks to you all

24 Mar, 2010

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