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Should 'woodlanders' be given fertilizer? (Hellebores, trillium, primula, etc). I am wondering whether shade-loving plants which like plenty of humus generally do not like additional ferilizer, seeing as their natural environment in nature is 'woodlandy'? Do they prefer a lower nutrient level than most other garden plants? And also, concerning hellebores, do they like manure spread around them as a mulch?



I think they get plenty of goodness from the humus. The trees in woodland drink up all the available water and food - but the woodlanders get there first by being fibrous-rooting and on the surface where they can get their goodness from the rotting down debris before the trees. clever things!
If planting anew in woodland - then it might be useful to give each plant a handful of compost/manure in its planting hole to start it off.

23 Mar, 2010


I give all my plants a feed of bonemeal every year and they seem to like it. It is a shrubbery rather than a woodland though

23 Mar, 2010


i dont add anything [except leaf mould] to the ones already established. new ones get plenty of leaf mould in the planting hole when i plant, I top dress with leaf mould as the fresh leaves get lifted in the autumn i then compost them.

23 Mar, 2010


I would not put manure round hellebores Jonathan

23 Mar, 2010


I'll just save it for my roses then. They gobble. It seems from what you all say that hellebores like quite low fertility. I have no leaf mould to add, but can top dress with multipurpose compost to aid humus content. It's perfectly economical in a garden as tiny as mine. I put rotted manure around all my shrubs. Would I be right to asssume it is suitable to spread around most perennials generally also?

23 Mar, 2010


Um... no not really

23 Mar, 2010


I'll save it for my roses only then.

24 Mar, 2010

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