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By Viv1

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

i sowed bergonia seeds in a heated propagator end of jan all germinated but have not grown up since then, is this normal? have tried talkin to them but there no listening !



They may be suffering from heat if left in propagator of left in a to hot a house. They may also be set back if they are somewhere to cold. Begonias like semi shade or atleast out of direct sunlight esp. when they are seedlings. We grow loads where i work and we always have to keep them out of direct sun and not over watered. Fussy things!

22 Mar, 2010


Um, Begonia, or Bergenia, Viv?

23 Mar, 2010


thanks nicky-they are in direct sunlight so will move them
yeh bergonias i`m sure

23 Mar, 2010


Bergonia, the imaginary, online country? That's what I got when I googled it, anyway!

25 Mar, 2010


hi tugbrethil sorry about the confusion, should be spelt begonia no r - my spellings gone to pot!!

26 Mar, 2010


That's why I daily give thanks for the word processor: even though I have to write things three times over, I'm not wearing holes in the paper with a little white eraser pencil, anymore! Or is that "erasor"? Nah!

As for the begonias, yes, bright indirect light, as in an open north exposure, but no direct sun until they have at least 6 true leaves. Don't forget to feed them regularly, too. Begonias are nibblers--they need constant low levels of nutrients, but it's easy to burn them with too much fertilizer. By the way, I'm sort of assuming wax begonias or angelwings. I'm not real familiar with the tuberous or rhizomatous kinds.

27 Mar, 2010


thanks for that T, must try and find spell checker !

27 Mar, 2010

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