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By Mardin

London, United Kingdom Gb

How can I get rid of this weed that keeps growing? It looks like grass but smells like garlic and has douzens of small bulbs at the root, so no matter how much I pull it it will still grow. Please help as it has invaded all of my fron garden and it is out of control!



I think that you may have to resort to chemical means - 'Roundup' being one.

I know that digging these little bulbs out isn't the answer, unfortunately, unless you really keep at it!

If you have any precious plants in amongst them, then dig them out, clean up the rootballs to ensure that no bulbs are hiding, then pot them up temporarily while you use Roundup.

21 Mar, 2010


It is wild garlic, you 'can' dig it all out but it will take a lot of time. The only alternative is Roundup.

21 Mar, 2010


Ramson, wild garlic can be added to your salad. Tastes milder than bulb garlic.

21 Mar, 2010


I think Mardin would need to have a lot of salads! lol.

21 Mar, 2010

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