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I have a pot grown (large) camelia which is losing its leaves and flower buds are brown and fall off in my hands, what has happened? Last year it flowered beautifully in late feb. I kept it fed every 2 weeks last year up until August.



We've had a very cold winter this year - is it possible that the compost in the pot froze, and remained frozen for a fortnight? That would cause this kind of damage, and may even have killed the plant. Suggest you keep an eye on it to see if it regenerates and recovers, and if it does, remove any dead growth back to the new growth.

19 Mar, 2010


One quick way to test for life: scratch a little of the skin of a young branch--pencil to finger thick--and look. Moist and green underneath means alive, dry and brown means, sigh, dead. Where there's life, there's hope!

20 Mar, 2010

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