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By Bruin

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

why has our Mahonia Charities leaves turned yellow red and orange



have all of them changed colour or are the majority still green, evergreens do lose leaves just not like deciduous shrubs

18 Mar, 2010


I have seen other Mahonias doing the same this year - so it may be a result of the cold. I wouldn't worry if the shrub's otherwise healthy.

18 Mar, 2010


agree with the others here, any evergreen shrub will loose 20% of their leaves during a season, so not all is lost.

18 Mar, 2010


Thanks for replies.Could it be a lack of magnesium?

23 Mar, 2010


you could give it a balanced feed just in case, I usually lightly feed in the spring if its just some old leaves I would't worry

23 Mar, 2010

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