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i want to move my acer to other spot in garden



Well I've read some questions in my time, but this is far too brief, really, so I shall have to attempt to join up the dots. Next time you ask a question, please be more explicit; without information, we can't answer properly.
If you want to move your acer, then do it now, keep a good rootball and water it well in its new position. This assumes your acer isn't a mature specimen which has been in situ for some time.

18 Mar, 2010


I moved a small acer successfully several years ago. In February, when the ground was not frozen, I went round the extent of the branches, plunging a spade in to its full depth. This had the effect of severing the roots while the plant was dormant. It was then successfully put in a pot in April and replanted in May, making sure it was well fed and watered for the rest of the growing season

18 Mar, 2010

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