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In this large garden we've recently inherited there a few large mounds of old grass cuttings. Someone has put the willy's up us a bit by suggesting that Adders could be nesting in there, has anyone had any experience of this, and if so what do we do? I should add that the property is quite rural and isolated.
Many thanks.



I've no idea whether that's a possibility or not, but if you're worried, clear the heaps away - but make sure you're well protected in a clothing sense when you do, just in case.

18 Mar, 2010


They may well be snakes ]and more likely to be grass snakes to be honest] in there. but usually if you make a lot of noise and 'clump' about the vibrations makes them move away. Start at the edge of a heap and move slowly inwards. that way if there are any they will move away from you. And whilst adders are venomous they are unlikely to bite. {more people die of bee and wasp stings in a year so dont worry unduly} Try not to kil them as all snakes are good at keeping vermin down.

18 Mar, 2010


Thank you, I'll make sure to clump a lot!

19 Mar, 2010


Don't forget they are protected and you will be committing an offence if you harm them.

19 Mar, 2010


Absolutely - we would never harm them, we were just concerned that they might nibble at us! Thanks for you help...

19 Mar, 2010

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