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when do I prune Solanums



How do I get an answere to my question about when to prune Solinums

17 Mar, 2010


We just type the answers at the bottom and they pop into your inbox. If the Solanums are the climbing type S. jasminoides, you can trim it back to keep it within bounds any time now. It can be trimmed at any time once it is established. If you want to comment on answers, just type in the 'answer this question' box. Welcome to GOY!

17 Mar, 2010


I have both types climbing and standard. The climber has gone mad and you suggest I trim to keep it from breaking in the wind, and in the spring do I trim into shape. The standard I bring into the garage no problem but again when is the best time to prune into shape. Many thanks for the info. you gave me in the past. ZIGGYBIRD

18 Sep, 2013

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