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Kent, United Kingdom Gb

will this grow in my garden, I live in KENT, if so what soil do I use?

On plant Carpobrotus edulis



The info I can get says that it is good down to 9.4 deg. C. If that fits your winters, it will probably work. In your climate, I would give it very sandy soil, since it is a beach plant in its native South Africa, where it also gets far less summer rain than it's likely to get in the UK.

If the winters there are likely to be too cold, I suggest keeping it in a shallow terra cotta pot with a very gritty, peat-moss-free mix, and moving it to a cold frame or cool greenhouse during the coldest part of winter. I've grown many of these here in Phoenix, AZ, but that's a big difference from your environment!

17 Mar, 2010


Sorry guest no even in Kent the winters are too cold.

17 Mar, 2010


Thanks, Moon Grower! I knew it would work up to about 1,250 meters elevation here, but I didn't know how cold Kent got.

17 Mar, 2010

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