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Having had blight on my tomatoes in the polytunnel for the last couple of years (even with growing them in different areas), I have been advised by our local garden centre to disinfect everything, even the soil, with Jeyes fluid. I've started doing the plastic, but after reading the precautions/warnings on the tin, I'm wondering if putting that stuff on the soil is such a good idea, as we'll be eating the produce from it. Has anybody any ideas on that one? Thanks in advance, Carla



Hi Carla, try using Jayes to kill off the blight fungus but grow your tomatoes in grow bags for a couple of years to allow it to dissipate from the soil. With out getting rid of the fungus you will never be able to grow tom's, peppers or any other vine plant in your tunnel.
Good luck with it.

17 Mar, 2010

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