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My girlfriend and i went to the garden centre and bought some baby fuchsia bush pattie sue, sanvitalia aztec gold, Diascia red start, fuchsia bush heidi anne, F1 geranium orange, lysimachia aurea goldilocks and a lotus trailing maculatus we put these in out small green house but it looks like there died. I've given them so food but they are not responding ive brought them inside near a window is that the best thing to do?
what do you think i should do?



Hi Guest if you had heavy frost after you put them in your greenhouse this will have killed them off. Alternatively if it got very hot and sunny in the greenhouse they could have become dry, did you water them regularly? If they look dead then they probably are and taking them indoors is not going to achieve anything.

16 Mar, 2010


Hello guest, Was your greenhouse heated ? cold could of killed them. I would bring them indoors delay watering if they seem moist. Who knows they may recover.Snake

16 Mar, 2010

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