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I have got 5 flowering size bulbs of Ixia viridiflora(Turquoise Ixia) and I am not too sure what to do with them. Will they flower this summer. They were purchased from Australia will that prove any problems as summer is during our winter this properly sounds silly but i do not usually grow bulbs.

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Pot them up into pots of ordinary potting compost. You can put all 5 in one pot as long as it is large enough. Keep it just moist and in a greenhouse/conservatory/porch until spring as they are not hardy and frost might damage them. Feed and water them as they grow and put them outside in a sunny sheltered spot from end of May onwards. They should flower in summer as they will be affected by the temperature and light levels, day/night etc.

16 Mar, 2010


Fantastic coloured flower! Always been one of my favourites.

16 Mar, 2010

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